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The Radiant Radical
Self-Love Immersion!

Is your ultimate self-love pathway to finding the joy and love you want,
within you and around you.

Boost positive self-talk
Turn wounds into wisdom
Heal and open your heart
to higher love
Set healthy limits
and enjoy a more balanced life
Experience unconditional self-love
as never before
Love your body - at any age,
in any form - today
Increase prosperity and
find your right livelihood
Become more radiantly in love...
with life!

This enlightening program illuminates and empowers you through 62 fun Law of Attraction exercises including HeartLight and Self-Love meditations, affirmations, self-loving ceremonies, journaling, quizzes, and mind-body healing. We all know we need to love ourselves more in order to give and receive the love we desire. Now, for the first time, you will discover exactly how to do so. This program has some very special bonuses right now too, including the VIBRAdiaNT HEALTH affirmations and Highest Self Meditation!


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"My manual for a happy life!"
"The best self-help book I've EVER read!"

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A Beautiful Spiritual Immersion To Raise Your
LOVE Vibration...
And Attract Your BEST Soulmate!

Finding your soulmate does not have to be a struggle of one painful heartbreak after another….

Nor do you need to spend decades (or the rest of your life!) alone, feeling like "Wonderful relationships happen for other people, but not me."

Sage & her Twin Flame husband Mark, along with a team of angels including Archangel Michael (whom Sage channels) will help you clear out your blocks and break free from those old patterns in relationship....

So you can magnetize and harmonize

Exciting bonuses worth thousands are currently still in effect for those who enroll in time...

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Aligning With Abundance
Audio MP3

Planet Earth's most powerful Quantum Mind-Body-Spirit hypno-meditation prosperity reprogramming audio! Featuring The Right Livelihood Prayer, aura and chakra attunement - PLUS Theta binaural beats to deeply realign you for abundance while you SLEEP. 100% positive and proven to work.
This Science-meets-Spirit program helps you harness the vast power of your subconscious mind, attune your energy field, and clear out your money blocks. Listen for 40 days to enhance your capacity to magnetize wealth, do creative work you love, enjoy a more balanced, happy life and make a great living while you make a difference!

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Angelic Abundance Activator (A3)

The world-famous award-winning 2-Month spiritual prosperity & life purpose course designed by Archangel Michael!

Featuring all 22 empowering, enLIGHTening resources to enhance your wealth vibration while inspiring your spiritual awakening and intuitive connection with your angels. Includes Aligning with Abundance, Happy Money!, Plus the 40-Days to Prosperity Consciousness Ultimate Abundance Immersion, Archangel Michael TelAttunements™, Channeled "Create True Prosperity Now!" book, private Facebook mastermind and more. This program was recently voted the #1 BEST LAW OF ATTRACTION PROGRAM ON EARTH by people in 18 countries! Everything you need for your path to abundance, joy and Spirit.
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Get the clarity and divine inspiration you need in a customized intuitive email reading.

Includes prayer & highest guidance from your guides and angels re: life purpose, love, spirit guides, abundance, business, and/or health. Email readings focus primarily on one life area, however our beloved guides and angels love to over-deliver. May also include channeling, chakra scan, Reiki distant healing, metaphysical instruction for self-healing... Whatever you need most!

Archangel Michael helps direct your reading.Jesus, Archangels Raphael or Gabriel, or the Divine Mother also may guide your reading as well so this will be a special treat! You'll come away feeling more peaceful, happy & very clear about your next steps.

Explore All Options For Readings (including Skype, phone, email & VIP days)

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Heartlight Meditation & Unconditional Self-Love
Audio MP3

Two meditation audios in one! The first audio, The HeartLight Meditation, facilitates powerful yet gentle emotional healing, helps you open your heart and experience more joy, inner peace and deep presence. Many people listen to HLM daily, to begin or end their day, or even while doing stretches or yoga, while visualizing their Divine Right Mate, or with a partner to harmonize and deepen your heart connection. The second audio, Unconditional Self-Love, is a guided journey for greater compassion toward yourself, more positive inner talk, greater connection with Spirit/Higher Self, and helps you love yourself - and your life! - more than ever. Find out more...

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Sage & her twin-flame husband Mark in Hawaii

Rev. Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard, CHT, RM, known as The Prosperous Goddess™, is an award-winning Law of Attraction expert, and highly gifted Archangel Michael Channel & Emissary. Sage manifested her Twin Flame soulmate, now husband of 18 years, a multiple six-figure income, her Dream Home, hot tub, vacations, new car… - you name it, she can manifest it, and she can help YOU manifest it too! - using the techniques she teaches.

Sage and Archangel Michael created the Angelic Abundance Activator™ which was recently voted "The #1 BEST Law of Attraction Program on Earth" by people in 18 countries.

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