With Sage and Archangel Michael

Comprehensive 6-Month Intuitive & Spiritual Development Training
to Open Your Third Eye & Activate Your Inner Wisdom!


If you are reading these words,
you are tuning in right now to the ENERGY here…
You are "hear" for a reason!


Do you want to become more consistently INTUITIVE & CONNECTED

Would you love to live a life of more HARMONY, FLOW, DIVINE CONNECTION

Then this NEW online training is for you!

Who is this program for?

Higher Consciousness is the next step for you, if you:

Really GET by now that ENERGY, INTENTION & LOVE are EVERYTHING. That we all are here to awaken, to live from our hearts and to remember who we truly ARE:
We are Earth angels!

Are ready to make a real commitment to your Self, to Spirit and to Service – To make an even bigger difference in this world and to live a life of greater balance, health, wealth and happiness along the way.

Deeply desire to connect more CONSISTENTLY with your angels, spirit guides and Highest Self. You know that the spiritual is just as real, just as important as the physical (if not more so) but you could use some help being more tuned in on a regular basis.

Want to be successful in BOTH worlds: Spiritual and Material.

Are ready to accelerate your spiritual evolution!

This is the training you have been waiting (and even praying) for if you have been wanting to learn more about:

Chakras – How can you work with these energy centers of the body for personal healing, and to improve every aspect of your life?

Aura – Boundaries, Shielding, Protection & Increasing Your Energy

Meeting & Connecting With Your Archangels – Who are your personal angels? How can you connect with them? Which ANGELS AND ARCHANGELS are here to help you with what, and how do you honor them and heed their guidance?

Animal Spirit Guide Totems – Who are your animal totems and what is their medicine, what are their messages and teachings for you right now?

Spiritual Clearing & Protection – How do you clear out old energy, entities, cords and stay strong and safe while opening more intuitively?

Discernment – How can you tell when it is Spirit (your angels/Highest Self) doing the talking, and when it is your own mind or emotions?

Grounding – How can you grow spiritually and feel the incredible JOY of spirituality without being a space cadet?

Meditation – What are the best ways to meditate? How can you stay out of the Monkey Mind chatter and really go deep? And build a regular practice that is actually FUN and VARIED instead of boring and puts you to sleep…?

Sexuality, Love & Relationships – How do you connect with your Twin Flame and Soul Family and manifest HIGHER LOVE?

Creativity & Expression – What if you could abSOULutely change the world by speaking your Truth and letting Spirit’s Light shine through you!?

Personal Power, Manifestation & Abundance – What are the best ways to MAG(net)ICALLY MANIFEST MORE MONEY – while doing what you love?

Soul Tribes – Who are you, really? Learn about the 4 Soul Tribes and which YOU are, what this means in your daily life and for your destiny.

If this is starting to sound really exciting, how about this:

Shamanism – The Medicine Wheel

Spiritual Dreaming – Cultivating lucid, creative & healing dreams every night, remembering your dreams, meeting spirit guides or your soulmate!


Star Beings


Sacred Geometry

This course has limited space to ensure a lot of personal attention.

It is not just a class. Think of this as a SPIRITUAL INITIATION and ENERGETIC ACTIVATION to open your Third Eye, reawaken your JOY AND PEACE and much, much more.


The GOD NEWS is:
Higher Consciousness is your program!

If you are strongly called
to this program…

Sign up for Higher Consciousness HOME STUDY today and save $1,500!

Here's how you can tell if Home Study Program is the right choice for you:

* You strongly sense that this would be a GREAT program for you, and you don't want to miss this opportunity for advanced intuitive training however due to other obligations you are just not ready to begin this month or

* You'd LOVE to attend live but you live in a timezone that precludes that, or

* Even with the payment plan for LIVE, you need a lower price


1). You get all the benefit of the training materials (books & printed materials, replays of ALL the retreats, MP3 audios of all other meditation, affirmation, energy healing audios.

2). The TelAttunements with Archangel Michael and Ascended Masters often convey the same POWER regardless of when you play them or how frequently you play them!

3). You will have access to the student-only online 24/7 community (comeUNITY!)

4). If you are interested in getting CERTIFIED and the support from Sage whenever you personally move through the course, the Certification & Coaching Upgrade is still available to you as a Home Study student!

Sign up now and you'll save 50% on this HOME STUDY VERSION OF HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS TRAINING!

The regular tuition for the complete 30+ hours of home study as well as all the training materials and online community support will soon be $997.





"Sage, sometimes I just can't believe how lucky I am the day you came into my life. Yours and AAMichael's Telattunments have changed my life and I can never thank you enough, I am sooo grateful.

My reading with you was the most beautiful amazing thing that has ever happened to me. I have no words to thank you, and I will honour you and Archangel Michael's teaching.

My Third Eye is pulsating like never before. Something amazing is happening to me since the reading!

I have been on this path for over 40 years, and I am so unbelievably blown away by you and what you do.

And I have exciting news!!!! When you took me through the golden portal with AA Michael in the TelAttunement, I reunited with MY TWIN FLAMET!

I knew it the moment it happened, just like you and Mark. And he showed up less than a week later! He is HERE in my life and I AM THE HAPPIEST WOMAN ON THE PLANET! No one has ever loved me like this before, and I have never had a relationship like this.

How can I thank you for this greatest blessing in my life? Even at my age (65), I have discovered it is not too late to find true love and I have you and Archangel Michael to thank.

You are definitely an Earth Angel, Sage, you are love itself. You are so open, so beautiful, so genuine. I feel your wings! Thank you so much! God Bless you, Sage and your family. I cannot wait to study with you in person when you come to Europe! Thank you!

So much love always,
Christine Clement, Spain





"I am blessed to be able to interview many of the top spiritual teachers in the world today. I have repeatedly featured Sage on my global summit because I'd heard so many good things about her and her work. And she is always voted one of the Best Speakers in the Show!

But after the first time I experienced Sage channeling Archangel Michael, I was speechless. When I could finally talk again, what I said was:

'Wow! That was the closest I have ever come to experiencing Heaven here on Earth.'

To say that Sage is The Real Deal and an EXTRAORDINARILY GIFTED INTUITIVE and teacher would be a massive understatement. Sage is truly the voice of the angels."

~ Brenda Pearce, Reiki Master, Registered Nurse and Healthy, Wealthy Evolution Summit Host, Canada



"Money, money, money!"


"Since I started the 40 Days to Prosperity Consciousness in Sage's Angelic Abundance program, I'm having my best months in YEARS - This month $15,000 and next month already earning $10,000! Before the month even started!

And another money miracle - I did the "Debs & Doubts Releasing Box" exercise that Sage taught me and within 12 hours I got an email I was getting paid back-pay from a company I worked for that had gone out of business, so I was not expecting to get any money from them. My debt was $5812 and the payment coming to me is $5276. Very Cool! Yahoo! Money rains down on me everywhere I go!! Thank you, Sage!"

~ Paul Theobold





"You taught me the true meaning of 'sage,' what a real teacher can be. There are so many false teachers out there! Real spiritual teaching comes from the heart. It's not about ego, it's about showing your own vulnerability and still being empowered to help others empower themselves. And I thank you so much for showing me what real spiritual teaching and healing is all about."

~ Sarah D. Ely






"All my life, I have heard a man's voice helping my out in times of need or protecting me as necessary.

Also, I do not wake up easily. The past 7 years, if I needed to wake up, something tickles my feet (or makes them twitch) and it makes wake up! It was a joke in my mind that it was an angel of some sort -- until I attended a live teleclass with Sage.

Sage offered an open question time on her call and I was chosen. My question was whether or not I was being guided by Arch Angel Michael? Sage asked if I would like to speak with Michael directly and I said "Yes!"

Arch Angel Michael then told me my empowering message, which in itself was extremely life-changing, then at the end of his amazing answer…I was prompted to tell him that I struggle waking up in the morning and I asked if he had any suggestions.

(When I asked the question, I WAS NOT EVEN THINKING ANYTHING ABOUT MY TWITCHY FEET. And I certainly didn't say anything about it at ALL.)

Archangel Michael via Sage then PAUSED AND THEN HE SAID: "I WILL TICKLE YOUR FEET!" And then he was gone. Amazing validation!!!

This was just what I needed.
Truly miraculous!

There is nothing like speaking with Arch Angel Michael Directly and there is nothing that will change your life faster than working with Sage."

Thank you Sage and Arch Angel Michael. I am truly blessed.

~ Jessica Freedom Ventura



Replays and MP3 downloads of
all 8 retreats, all 30 hours of training!

Written materials for each module

Inspirational emails

Option to add Certification Track
which also would feature 8 personal
coaching supports from Sage

Upon certification, you may enroll in Level II: Professional Certification in Intuitive Angelic Miracle (I AM) Healing with business coaching and money magnetizing for your abundance!

Membership in private Facebook group


Opportunity to host 5 archangels in your home for a special blessing

BONUS: Motivation Activation MP3

BONUS: Highest Self MP3

Total Value of This Life-Changing Program


Your Energetic Commitment Today to Self, Spirit, Success & and Your Angels!*
* We cannot guarantee these tuition rates much longer



Enroll now for only $497!

For a very limited time only $497
(Save $1500 off the LIVE program)

By now, you are getting a strong sense of whether this advanced program in Intuition & Energy Mastery is right for you.

If you are feeling an excitement, an opening, a hopefulness, a tingle, a YES!, Archangel Michael and I say:
Glow for it, dear one!

You can begin and move through the HOME STUDY HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS at your own pace. Some students are beginning this summer with the Live students (there is a great energetic excitement to this!), others are registering now to save the 50% on tuition yet won't begin for a few more weeks or even months.

And remember, if you are interested in GETTING CERTIFIED, Home Study students may still choose the Certification & Coaching Track (upgrade) just like the Live students.

By wisely making this investment in YOUR BEST DESTINY and the joy of intuitive spiritual living now, you will save hundreds of dollars on tuition now while you have the chance - AND YOU WILL BEGIN TO MOVE THE ENERGY RIGHT AWAY.

Terms and Conditions:
Note: Whether you are choosing to enroll in Live or Home Study, paying with a one-pay or choosing the installment plan with 6 monthly autopays, please note that this is a solid commitment and there are NO REFUNDS OR CANCELLATIONS because you will have instant and ongoing access to all the trainings, replays, bonuses and written materials for 5 whole months. This is not a try-it-out situation, it is a spiritual internship. Due to the narrow enrollment window and limited number of seats, we would be unable to fill your spot. Register for this program if you feel reasonably confident that you will benefit from it based on your own best judgment. We guarantee that by making this commitment to Spirit and your Self today, you will have all the re-SOURCEs at your fingertips so you can powerfully build your metaphysical intuitive toolbox, clear your energy and connect more with your angels, guides, Highest Self - and YOUR best life. Results are commensurate with your own participation. All Kudos + Praise are verifiable and on file and represent real students getting real results. Your purchase indicates you have viewed and agree to these Terms and Conditions.



"From the moment I heard about Sage and her work with Archangel Michael, I knew this was someone I wanted to work with."


"Within a week of signing up, I was laid off from my day job. Now for many people, this would not be good news, but what has opened up for me as a result of working with Sage and Archangel Michael has been quite miraculous.

For one thing, I quickly began getting messages from my angels when I was doing my morning journaling. What an unexpected and incredible blessing! Not only have my angels given me a lot of spiritual insight and understanding, but they have also given me a lot of practical advice and encouragement and I’ve even begun sharing these channeled messages with others. Sage facilitates a really positive Facebook community and the people there have said they have found these messages to be really inspiring and uplifting.

I am now feeling a whole new area of service is opening up for me through connecting with my angels and sharing their insights with others!

In addition, an opportunity to get some of my angel stories published in the national Guideposts "Angels" Magazine has just opened up! The editor there loves my writing and just asked me to send more.

For another thing, Sage herself has proven to be a wonderful mentor and coach to me. When I was on the fence as to whether to sign up for the Higher Consciousness class, I never felt pushed or pressured. But all the time, I felt her confidence in who I really am and her desire to see me blossom. After having had some not-so-nice experiences with other coaches and teachers, Sage's heart-centered approach has been a breath of fresh air.

I can see that Sage really cares about her clients and gives 110% to them. I'm loving-living proof!

What has opened up for me in the short 2 months since I've been working with Sage is a renewed confidence in my abilities as a Lightworker, a new-found ability to channel write intuitively and a growing sense of what my work in the world really is -- something I have struggled to understand for years now. I also know now that whatever my outer circumstances my look like, I have a profound ability not only to overcome them but to thrive because of them!

And through Sage’s programs, I have connected deeply with a Tribe of wonderful supportive people who are also focused on growing their ability to bring Light to the world. This has been really heart-opening and special to me!

Thank you so much, Sage. You are an amazing coach, healer and teacher and I am so grateful Spirit brought us together!

With all my heart-"

~ Sandra Winter, New York City, NY


By enrolling in any of the program options below, you are
agreeing to the Terms & Conditions featured on this page.

Enroll in HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS Home Study for only $497 Now!

For a very limited time only $497
(Save $1500 off the LIVE program)

If you need help with your order,
please email Mark Goddard at indigodeerspiriteagle@yahoo.com
AND Sage at sage@loveandspirit.org

Or call Sage and her team directly at: 530 558-5901.

We believe in the old-fashioned concept of true customer service!

So if you are ready to deepen your commitment to your Self….

To Spirit…

And to Service

So you can FINALLY show up and SHINE as the incredible Earth Angel
YOU CAME HERE TO BE, and manifest the abundance, love and joy you desire and deserve, join me and Archangel Michael now. Because


~ Archangel Michael via Sage

"Follow every call that excites your spirit."

~ Rumi

By enrolling in any of the program options below, you are
agreeing to the Terms & Conditions featured on this page.

Enroll in HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS Home Study for only $497 Now!

For a very limited time only $497
(Save $1500 off the LIVE program)

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